Holiday Potpourri

I’ve had a few thoughts recently, but nothing enough to warrant its own post. Here’s a mish-mash of a few.

On Rahm Emanuel:

I understand the political reasons for doing so, but the people fighting so hard against Emanuel’s eligibility to run for mayor of Chicago are making me sick.  Yes, residency requirements are important (Clay Chastain, anyone?), but Mr. Emanuel left Chicago to go work in the highest office in America – if he could have done the job from Chicago, I bet he would have.  He also made the decision to leave an incredible opportunity to go back to Chicago and fight for another incredible opportunity.  If he is not allowed to run for mayor because of his work in the current administration, it would set a terrible precedent, one that discourages qualified people from serving at the federal level.  Sure, go to Washington – but don’t ever plan on coming back if you do.  Do his potential opponents in the mayoral race really feel like he forsook Chicago so terribly by leaving to become a presidential adviser, or are they just threatened by his popularity and don’t want the competition?  My money’s on the latter, but this whole thing is getting out of hand, and the publicity he’s getting from these proceedings is likely hurting his opponents more than it’s hurting him.

On Sporting KC:

I have had more conversations about the former KC Wizards, now Sporting KC, since the announcement of the name change than in my first three years in this town.  People know of my involvement with the team, both as an employee and a season ticket holder, so they’ve approached me.  One emerging theme: the people who are the most vocally opposed to the name change are people who never came to games before and probably still wouldn’t show up even if they hadn’t changed the name.  Many fervent European football fans are crying foul, saying we shouldn’t be trying to mimic Sporting Lisbon and that that’s the only organization that we could possibly be emulating.  To them, I say:

The Sporting Club at The Bellevue (Philadelphia)

San Diego Sporting Club

Sporting Clubs of America

The Alexandria Sporting Club (Egypt)

The list goes on.  No, these are not all soccer clubs, but who cares?  The term “sporting” in and of itself as defined by



engaging in, disposed to, or interested in open-air or athletic sports: a rugged, sporting man.

So let’s just all agree to support our local sports team, whether you like the name change or not.  The team leadership has already said publicly that whoever wants to continue to call them the Wizards are welcome to do so, so enjoy the new stadium and the benefits it is already bringing to Kansas City. (2011 Gold Cup to KC Soccer Stadium)

On Homebrewing:

I’m excited about the fact that I recently came into possession of some home-brewing equipment, and last night placed an order for ingredients and some remaining equipment that I still needed.  I will need guinea pigs for my first batch, which will be a porter, early next year.  Get ready!

On the November 2010 Elections:

This is mostly regarding the resulting phrase that has been uttered innumerable times by now, and is driving me up a wall.  “This is what the people told us on November 2nd.”  Funny, I don’t remember a vast majority of the things being attributed to the election being on the ballot I had.  I don’t remember it including instructions for Congress to pack up and go home or wait for next year to do any more work.  I certainly don’t remember it giving any party or affiliation the ability to make unilateral decisions and abuse the political process as is currently occurring – but maybe I just got the wrong ballot.


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