The Great Debate

iOS or Android?

I’d been an iPhone user since 2009 – and yesterday, I received my HTC EVO.  Not only did I switch my phone, but my OS and my wireless carrier all in one fell swoop.  So far, it’s been a little bumpy but I am optimistic.  Here are some of my initial reactions to the switch:

  1. The hardware – so far, the EVO is noticeably larger, but the big screen is beautiful and color-rich.  The iPhone is sleeker, but both phones feel sturdy and work generally as well.  However, the EVO’s guts are more powerful than the iPhone and it has an SD card slot, which allows for portable memory.  Advantage: EVO.
  2. The apps – this is a noticeable difference at this point.  Apps from the iPhone store are just more polished, more finished, and with sometimes more functionality than their Android counterparts.  For example, the Mint app on the iPhone has the ability to add and edit accounts, whereas the Android version is essentially read-only.  The ESPN Score Center app doesn’t support swiping to switch between league/team in Android like it does for iPhone.  My favorite Public Radio streaming and podcast app doesn’t even exist on Android!  I’m sure this will get better over time, but for the time being, advantage: iPhone.
  3. Basic functionality – one known advantage to Apple products is that they just work.  You turn them on, and they’re all ready to go.  The EVO has taken a considerable amount of time to set up and get going and has been frustrating at times.  It’s not always intuitive how to change settings, but after a day with the phone it is already getting easier.  This is the area that I have the most optimism about, however.  I’m fairly certain that once it’s all set up, it will be just as easy to use as the iPhone.  Advantage: tie.
  4. Network – I haven’t had the phone long enough to really tell the difference, but my last few months with ATT were miserable.  Similar plans on Sprint are also roughly $10-$15/month cheaper.  I can’t imagine it won’t be an improvement, so for now, advantage: EVO.

So that’s two EVO advantages, one iPhone advantage and one tie.  To be honest, at this point I miss my iPhone.  Android is a slow operating system to learn, but has a lot of customization potential that isn’t there with the iPhone.  As I said before, I am optimistic that this is still the right choice and that I will be happy with my EVO for a lot of reasons.  I can’t wait to get my phone fully set up so I can appreciate everything both the EVO and the Android operating system have to offer…but I know if I ever get nostalgic, the wifi on my iPhone still works. 🙂


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