walking a mile in someone else’s paradigm

People always seem to be going up and down aisles and streets looking for closer parking – except when they’re at sporting events. Somehow, the sea of parking is comforting – you’ll walk in a lot for an undetermined distance and it seems okay because you’re headed toward the stadium. Get to a downtown area or a shopping mall, though, and if you’re more than 10 spots back you’re sure there’s another spot somewhere closer.

I used RunKeeper to determine how far I walked from the car to the gate at two separate games at Sporting Park in the past week, both times parking in season ticket holder parking. The first game, we were 0.51 miles from the gate. The second, 0.83 miles. I took a (sort of) average of 0.70 miles and said, as the crow flies, how far away could I park from other venues in Kansas City and still have walked the same distance?

Here we have it – 0.70 mile radius circles over Sporting Park (Kansas City, KS), the Sprint Center (Kansas City, MO), the Truman Sports Complex (Kansas City, MO) and Oak Park Mall (Overland Park, KS).

Context is everything.

Loop_tracts1Sporting Park

Loop_tracts2Sprint Center

Loop_tracts3Truman Sports Complex

Loop_tracts4 Oak Park Mall


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