The State Line Hoodie

Update 2: Form is reopened here until 6/1: [form closed!]

Update: we’ve reached the minimum order! Closing down the order form Sunday night, 4/13. If you’ve already ordered, expect an invoice early next week.

It’s been a year since the KC Street Grid shirt made its debut and there was always a second project I wanted to do – the state line hoodie. Finally, I’m getting off my butt and doing it!




This is a mockup – it’ll be on a very lightweight American Apparel hoodie and only offered in black. Please note: this is basically a long-sleeved t-shirt weight – this is not a fleece-lined sweatshirt. More of an overshirt, if you will.

The lines are county and highway. Notably, the only line that doesn’t actually exist on the design (until it jogs along the Missouri River) is the state line. That’s on the zipper – symbolic of the line that so well divides us but is physically invisible.

Pricing on this one will be around $25 and I need a minimum order to make it happen, so let me know if you’re interested by filling out this handy dandy form: (form closed)

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